At the heart of the University’s academic life is the well-equipped Matheson Library.  This full air-conditioned and carpeted building has study desks for about 400 students, and over 129, 526 collections of books and periodicals for use by staff, students and visitors. 


The PNG Collection section is a unique feature in the library which collects information about PNG, in the form of scientific books, documents, reports and periodicals, and is also accessible to staff, students, researchers and visitors. 


The Library subscribes to the major national and international daily and weekly newspapers, and is able, through the Inter-library Loan Scheme, to obtain any publication needed by its users.  Students are permitted to borrow up to eight books for up to two weeks at a time. 


Also contained in the Library is the Central Teaching Facilities, with its large collection of films, slides, photographs and tapes.  The Unit services teaching and research needs of staff and students. 


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